Vaginal Discharge Treatment
As you grow up, you may notice a discharge from your vagina during the time among your menstrual periods. It is usual for all women to have some vaginal discharge. The amount, color and thickness of this discharge are dissimilar for each woman.

Normal vaginal discharge is thin similar mucus. It is clear, white or somewhat yellow in color. It typically has no unpleasant odour and is not itchy or grating to the skin. The amount of discharge may relay to your menstrual cycle. It generally increases 2 weeks before menstruation. Some birth control approaches may also change or increase the amount of discharge. Also, after intercourse, a musky odour may be noted. This odour could be caused by the normal cleansing of sperm from the vagina. But if the odour lasts more than a day, it may mean an infection is existing.


Different kinds of vaginal infections need different kinds of treatment. Some vaginal infections need a specific antibacterial medicine, offered only by prescription. Others are not as sombre as sexually transmitted infections but essential to be treated anyway. You can contact Care & Cure womenโ€™s Speciality Hospital, for vaginal discharge treatment. Dr.Nandhitha will give you proper guidance.

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