PAP Smear & ColPoscopy
Pap tests find irregular cell changes in your cervix. How frequently you get a Pap test depends on your medical history, age, and the outcomes of your last Pap or HPV tests.

A colposcopy is a procedure to find out whether there are irregular cells on or in a vagina or woman’s cervix. The cervix is the part of the stomach that sits in the vagina.

Abnormalities tend to happen at the opening of the cervix to the birth canal, where it arrives the womb. A colposcopy permits a doctor or trained nurse to find these abnormalities.

In some women, the attendance of “abnormal cells” carries the risk of developing cervical cancer. A colposcopy is used to regulate whether treatment will be required to deal with these cells.

Care & Cure women’s Speciality Hospital, gives you the accurate test result by which you can start your treatment of PAP Smear &ColPoscopy. Dr.Nandhitha uses all new technology to give the best result and treatment.

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