Those couple who are not able to become pregnant after 1 year of having regular, unprotected sex, causes Infertility. Thisaffects both women and men. A woman is careful infertile if she has tried for 1 year to get pregnant and hasn’t used birth control. A man is careful infertile if he has too few sperm or his sperm are too unhealthy to combine with a woman’s egg. Many couples do not have worry becoming pregnant. But there are factors that can make it problematic for some.

Infertility treatment

Infertility treatment is based on the reason of your infertility. It can range from medicines to implanting an embryo through helped reproductive technology (ART).

For men, issues that affect fertility can comprise hormone imbalances or erectile dysfunction. These issues can be preserved with medicine. These can be mended with surgery.

For women, treatment can similarly include medicine or surgery, depending on the causal problem. The most common medicines used to treat female infertility stimulate the ovaries. This helps the ovaries produce more eggs and surges the chances of getting pregnant. Care & Cure women’s Speciality Hospital best infertility hospital in Ayanavaram, Chennai,Dr.Nandhitha give all type support to cure your Infertility problem.

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