laparoscopic Surgery C Keyhole
Laparoscopy means looking inside someone’s stomach with camera through a slight incision using special camera (Laparoscope). One would be put to General Anaesthesia for this.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

It is newer and better way of accomplishment laparoscopic surgery C keyhole. After passing the laparoscope small incisions are made through which special instruments are passed and surgery is carried out in a safe environment while observing at each move in the screen. This is done instead of traditional technique of cutting open the abdomen to the surgery. You can contend that most of the pain from the cut patients would have suffered is transferred to surgeon’s wrist.

What are the benefits of keyhole surgery?

By far the biggest advantage of keyhole surgery is the fact that the incisions essential are so much smaller. Patients who are obligatory to stay in hospital after their surgery are often permitted home much faster. The smaller incisions similarly reduce the risk of complications, and shortens the recovery time after the surgery. Care & Cure women’s Speciality Hospital provides all type laparoscopic treatment to patient. Dr.Nandhitha the best laparoscopic specialist in Ayanavaram & Kilpauk In Chennai.

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